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There isn't enough space for me to say all of the great things about Chris Lang photography. He is the ultimate professional. He captured our day perfectly and made us feel extremely comfortably. He is very detailed and was able to capture such small details. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for beautiful pictures to last a lifetime.
Stephanie - Bride
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The Big Picture

You Centric…it’s not me centric

I believe that your wedding evolves around you, not me. I shoot professional events along side major networks involving professional sports and high profile people who trust us with their image & reputation. Much of what we do goes unnoticed under our brand because we are creating for other brands. I take the same philosophy with wedding couples. It is about you and not about us. This keeps everything in perspective in how we treat you, your family and guests. We will not be trampling around your wedding standing in front of your guests. We work with the same discretion, non intrusive , non disruptive style at weddings that we do at professional events. We are proven professionals. We deliver in the most demanding environments and for clients that expect nothing but the best.

The Big Picture

As the digital age has evolved, photography has dramatically changed. Some good and some bad in my mind. With the types of images we see all day long through social media or our own cell phone pictures we have come to accept a different level of quality when it comes to the artistry of photography. The art and craft of wedding photography is always in a state of continuous change but what is different now is that there will be dozens if not a hundred cameras taking pictures at your wedding. While all those pictures might turn out to be an awesome memory of a special moment, they will certainly not look or print the same way.

In many ways the big picture in wedding photography has changed from an art to what is the cost. I think a big part of this is digital photography has made it easier for everyone to become a photographer and this in many ways is a beautiful thing. But when it comes to wedding photography, the art has become lost in translation.
If my pictures do not look any different than anyone else’s, than it is safe to say that I do not have my own or unique style of photography. The reason I spend the time talking about styles is that is a very big part of what you are paying for in wedding photography. In addition to the way a picture style might look there are so many variables that make a photographers look. It is not always a creative edit, it is the emotion they capture. it is getting people’s personalities to come out.

Wedding photography is a creative and in-depth process for me. Photographing your wedding can be considered just the start of what I do. I consider myself more an artist than simply an event photographer for weddings. For every hour of image capture I spend another 4-5 behind the scenes creating. I invest my time and creativity into every couple.

I creates every image from capture to edit. Why? Because it is my interpretation as an artists that creates images. I am not a cookie cutter process. That is why you see so many different styles on my website. My photos look different because they are. Although I do use assistants and even 2nd shooters occasionally, I do not trust my name or artistry to just anyone else.

I bring the same level of passion, fun, professionalism, experience, equipment, dependability, and service to your wedding that we bring in photographing professional sports and commercial clients who expect results no matter what.

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Popular Wedding & Reception Venues

Are you looking for your wedding venue in Wilmington or Eastern NC? I often get asked from brides planning their destination weddings about wedding venues in our area. So I started putting together a list of some popular wedding venues and great places for wedding and engagement photography. This is also a great way to see some of my photography of real weddings in some of Wilmington’s popular wedding venues. These are just a few and this list will grow over time so feel free to check back often or even share the page as wedding ideas on your facebook or Pinterest page.

  • Image of bride & groom in Airlie Gardens - Airlie Gardens Wedding Photographers
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    • River Landing

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      River Landing Weddings is one of the most amazing clubhouse facilities I have been in. Visit our River Landing Wedding Photographer images to see this incredible wedding venue.

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    • Fort Fisher
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      Fort Fisher is about as unique a backdrop there is for coastal North Carolina. Perfect for both wedding and engagement photography. See our Fort Fisher Wedding & Engagement photographers images to get an idea of this beautiful area of Eastern North Carolina.

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    • Brooklyn Arts Center

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      Brooklyn Arts Center is a premier Wedding and Reception venue located in the Downtown Wilmington Area. View our Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding Photographers images and see why this is one of the more popular wedding venues.

  • Wedding Couple standing on the steps of Bellamy Mansion - Wilmington NC Wedding Photography
    • Bellamy Mansion

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      Bellamy Mansion is a “Southern Classic” wedding and reception venue. Located in the Downtown Wilmington area this Mansion can do it all. View our Bellamy Mansion Wedding Photographers images and see why this Mansion might be the perfect place for your wedding.

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    • 128 South

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      128 South is another popular wedding and reception venue Wedding and Reception venue located in the Downtown Wilmington Area. View our 128 South Wedding Photographers images to see this staple Wilmington venue.

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    • City Club

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      The City Club is another Downtown Wilmington Wedding and Reception venue that can offer several accommodations from a bridal party getting ready lounge to smaller weddings and receptions. View our City Club Wedding Photographers images to see this one of a kind venue.

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    • Country Club of Landfall

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      The Country Club of Landfall is another great clubhouse wedding and reception venue. Located in the gated community of Landfall, this wedding venue can host both your wedding and reception. View our Country Club of Landfall Wedding Photographers images to see this exquisite country club.

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    • Wrightsville Beach

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      Wrightsville Beach offers a wide range of wedding options from the beach to hotel accommodations. Wrightsville Beach is also located close to Wilmington for easy travel to any other reception venue including Downtown Wilmington.

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    • Topsail Island

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      Topsail Island has a personality all its own. From hotel accommodations to private beach house weddings, Topsail Island is a laid back beach island sure to entertain any beach wedding.

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    • Battleship North Carolina

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      For something really unique, check out the Battleship NC might be that special place to have either for both your wedding and reception. With incredible views of the Cape Fear River and Historic Downtown Wilmington as part of your wedding day back drop.

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    • Wilmington Hilton Riverside

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      The Wilmington Hilton Riverside is perfectly located in Downtown Wilmington on the River Front. A very popular place for both wedding and reception. It has all the the facilities to be an all inclusive wedding venue and host to any of your out of town wedding guests.

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  • Lebanon Chapel Wedding Photography
    • Lebanon Chapel

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      The Lebanon Chapel is nestled in the heart of Airlie Gardens. If you are looking for classic and rustic wedding chapel be sure to give the Lebanon Chapel a look.

  • old brunswick town - Fort Anderson - Wedding Photography
    • Brunswick Town - Fort Anderson

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      Brunswick Town - Fort Anderson in Winnabow NC, is a great outdoor wedding and reception option. The historic burned down church on the grounds makes for a unique open air wedding ceremony. The landscape with the oak trees and view of the Cape Fear River make this possibly a perfect option for you wedding.

  • wedding picture at he Shoals Club on Bald Head Island.
    • Shoals Club - BHI

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      The Shoals Club on Bald Head Island is a classic east coast beach club. With elevated view of the Atlantic Ocean and a fort class club this makes for a incredible destination wedding venue.

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    • The River Room

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      The River Room in Downtown Wilmington North Carolina sits along the Cape Fear River. Capable of providing an outside wedding on the river deck and hosting your reception inside the River Room make this wedding venue a downtown gem.

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    • Wrightsville Manor

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      Wrightsville Manor in Wilmington North Carolina is just minutes from Wrightsville Beach. Wrightsville Manor is capable of providing an outside wedding with Southern charm and hosting your reception inside the Wrightsville Manor. The grounds provide a lush and private feel and the inside is both beautiful for both a wedding and or reception.

  • Image of wedding couple at the Bluewater Grill in Wrightsvilee Beach  NC.  Bluewtergrill wedding & reception venue
  • marker 137 weddings - marker 137 wedding photo - wedding venue - wilmington weddings
    • Marker 137

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      Marker 137 is located on the intercostal waterway behind Masonbqoro Island. This wedding outdoor wedding venue has amazing views and scenery to include majestic Southern Oak trees. Marker 137 is capable of providing space for both weddings and wedding receptions that makes for a great all in one wedding venue.

  • bakery-105-weddings-venue-wilmington-nc-photos-photography-photographers-ideas
    • Bakery 105

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      Bakery 105 is located in Downtown Wilmington NC. Just one block from the Cape Fear River Deck overlooking the Cape Fear River, Bakery 105 allows a short walk for some great views of North Carolina Sunsets that make for incredible wedding photography. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Downtown Wilmington be sure to check out one of the most popular venues in Bakery 105.

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    • Ironclad Brewery

      Open or Close

      Ironclad Brewery is located in Downtown Wilmington NC. Just a few blocks from the Cape Fear River Deck. Ironclad Brewery has a unique personality and charm. The unique setting along with the beautiful wood and brick makes for some amazing wedding photography. If you are looking for a wedding or wedding reception venue in Downtown Wilmington be sure to check out the increasingly popular Ironclad Brewery

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