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Interestingly enough it was Chris's work that ultimately lead us to getting married in Wilmington. We were searching the web for places and ideas when we ran across Airlie Garden photos that Chris had taken. We set up a short trip over the holidays to visit Wilmington and Chris was very accommodating to meet us at his studio that weekend. The quality of his work is exceptional but that probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind as odd as that sounds. The most memorable thing about Chris was the overall experience he provided throughout the entire process. From the moment we met him we really felt as if we have known him forever. Given the general stress, excitement, and complexity of planning a wedding he really puts your mind at ease with his ability to walk you through the process and offering up many ideas and approaches that will work for you. The reality is that most people don't really know what they want and he was certainly able to map out a plan, approach, and package that worked for us. We rated him a 5 out of 5 across the board without hesitation. The quality of his work (pictures) is impeccable from clarity, variety, and really being able to capture the essence of the day...not just lining up and snapping pictures. Chris was always easy to get in touch with before, during, and after the wedding and his professionalism and flexibility were also top shelf. He tirelessly worked with us to get our photo album and canvas portraits to be exactly what we wanted and he did not stop until we were 100% satisfied. One might think you would pay a fortune for this level of service but his prices are also very reasonable and he also was willing to customize a package and price for us since we had a small and simple wedding. Without hesitation I would recommend Chris for a wedding or any special event that you would want high quality pictures to enjoy the memories for a lifetime.
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Photographer - Film Maker - Image Maker

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Chris has established himself as a trusted photographer among professional organizations and clients worldwide. Currently, he is a marketing photographer for the Travelers Championship, A PGA Tour Event. Chris is also the owner of ProMotionPicture Co., an image and design Co. specializing in web design and commercial photography. His work has been featured internationally in both print and web publications along with local and national marketing campaigns.

Chris has been creatively using a camera since 1983 and plunged into his passion of photography full time in 2006. His experience, creativity and skill set has built him a trusted reputation as a creative image maker.

My Wedding Photography Philosophy… Keep it fun, Keep it natural & free flowing

That is keep it simple. I put a lot of information on my wedding site about styles and process, but the reality is my wedding photography process is not complex by any means. I have had the privilege to photograph other photographers weddings, photographers children’s weddings, and have many brides who are aspiring photographers. I have learned that some people want a lot of information and want to read about about styles of wedding photography and my take. Others want to keep it simple. I am humbled by the fact that other people see my work and call it inspiring, especially from other professionals.

I find some people will read every word, and then there are people who will just look at the pictures (thats’ me). For this reason I have incorporated a lot of pictures on my website which is contrary only showing your best work. This is to share the diversity in styles that I create in wedding photos. In the end, I have a lot of people who just hire me and say “just do what you do as we trust you,” and others who love to talk ideas and styles.

In short, I keep the process relaxed, simple and fun.

There is somehting very intrinsic to me about creating and finishing what I started in camera. It is my drive, it is what motivates me. It is by my hands that your pictures are created. It is my art, my craft, my reputation… I don’t trust that to just anyone else. When you hire me you hire me. Not an associate photographer or a post production assitant. Sure it takes more time, more hours but it is my art. That is why my works looks differnt because it is differnt.
Chris Lang

Artisan Photography - Hand Crafted by One

If you made it this far thank you for taking the time on my web site. I hope you’re enjoying my work. I am grateful to be a full-time creative professional working in multiple fields and for a pretty diverse group of clients. What drives me? Pretty simple. It is creating.

Whether photography or video, I could never work in a cookie cutter process. It’s about enjoying every opportunity and every person I get to work with. It’s about investing my time, experience, and talent into you and your families who expect my best in every moment.

I am an image-maker. My hands are on every image from start to finish. I shoot certain scenes very differently in camera because I know what I want to do in the creative post production. For me, handing my pictures over to someone else for post production does not feel right. They did not see or feel what I was doing in camera so I can not expect them to have the same attachment, responsibility, intrinsic reward that I have when creating something that I started. For me, it is finishing the creative process of what I started in camera.

Taking pictures with a camera is only half of the process to create art. Even though most my images only need a little color correction and sharpening, there is still an interpretation in the simple post production (what we used to call developing). My creative works and “Signature Photographs” are a completely different process that is very organic, and very different from one to the next. I can spend hours on one photo that captivates my attention. It is not uncommon for me spend 12-14 hours a day in the creative post process. It is not is a passion that brings an intrinsic reward. So there it is, one short answer of why I think I am different. You will have to explore my website to get the answers to this question.

The one thing you will find is there is not any one style of photography on my website because I am not any one style photographer. For me, the styles & moods change especially with light. So my style will change and that is how I create. It is taking any given situation and creating something special, rememberable, one of a kind.

Wilmingotn NC Photographer


My passion lies in the mystery that is creativity. For me, there is relationship, there is life in creativity. There is something intrinsic, there is satisfaction. I create, not simply by understanding that creativity is in me, but realizing it is my design, it is in my DNA. It is in the core of my being, my very existence. It is the fingerprint of a creative designer, evidence of intent, evidence of an intelligent design. It is a trait passed on from the beginning. I create, because I was created.
Chris Lang

I always tell people you need to trust your photographer, not only with your image, but with the details. There is more than operating a camera to being a complete professional. I have a lot of fun at what I do and make a lot of friends along the way. My reputation is everything and I go above and beyond to make sure your experience and pictures are world class.

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Popular Wedding & Reception Venues

Are you looking for your wedding venue in Wilmington or Eastern NC? I often get asked from brides planning their destination weddings about wedding venues in our area. So I started putting together a list of some popular wedding venues and great places for wedding and engagement photography. This is also a great way to see some of my photography of real weddings in some of Wilmington’s popular wedding venues. These are just a few and this list will grow over time so feel free to check back often or even share the page as wedding ideas on your facebook or Pinterest page.

  • Image of bride & groom in Airlie Gardens - Airlie Gardens Wedding Photographers
  • Bald Head Island Weddings - BHI Wedding Photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
  • River Landing Weddings - wedding photographers - wedding photography - wedding info - chris lang weddings
    • River Landing

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      River Landing Weddings is one of the most amazing clubhouse facilities I have been in. Visit our River Landing Wedding Photographer images to see this incredible wedding venue.

  • st thomas preservation hall wedding - wedding photographers - photography - chris lang weddings
  • fort fisher weddings - wedding photographers - photography - wedding info - chris lang weddings
    • Fort Fisher
      Open or Close

      Fort Fisher is about as unique a backdrop there is for coastal North Carolina. Perfect for both wedding and engagement photography. See our Fort Fisher Wedding & Engagement photographers images to get an idea of this beautiful area of Eastern North Carolina.

  • southport community center weddings - southport wedding photographers - wedding photography - wedding info - chris lang weddings
  • brooklynn arts center weddings - bac wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • Brooklyn Arts Center

      Open or Close

      Brooklyn Arts Center is a premier Wedding and Reception venue located in the Downtown Wilmington Area. View our Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding Photographers images and see why this is one of the more popular wedding venues.

  • Bellamy Mansion Weddings - Wedding Couple standing on the steps of Bellamy Mansion - Wilmington NC Wedding Photography
    • Bellamy Mansion

      Open or Close

      Bellamy Mansion is a “Southern Classic” wedding and reception venue. Located in the Downtown Wilmington area this Mansion can do it all. View our Bellamy Mansion Wedding Photographers images and see why this Mansion might be the perfect place for your wedding.

  • 128 south weddings - wilmingotn nc  - wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • 128 South

      Open or Close

      128 South is another popular wedding and reception venue Wedding and Reception venue located in the Downtown Wilmington Area. View our 128 South Wedding Photographers images to see this staple Wilmington venue.

  • city club weddings - wilmingotn nc - wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • City Club

      Open or Close

      The City Club is another Downtown Wilmington Wedding and Reception venue that can offer several accommodations from a bridal party getting ready lounge to smaller weddings and receptions. View our City Club Wedding Photographers images to see this one of a kind venue.

  • Poplar Grove Weddings - Polplar Grove wedding photogrpahers - Wedding photography - chris lang weddings
  • Country Club of Landfall Weddings -  Wedding Photography - bride & groom - Chris Lang Weddings
    • Country Club of Landfall

      Open or Close

      The Country Club of Landfall is another great clubhouse wedding and reception venue. Located in the gated community of Landfall, this wedding venue can host both your wedding and reception. View our Country Club of Landfall Wedding Photographers images to see this exquisite country club.

  • Wrightsville Beach Weddings - Wrightsville Beach Wedding Photographers - Wedding Phtoography - destinations Weddings
    • Wrightsville Beach

      Open or Close

      Wrightsville Beach offers a wide range of wedding options from the beach to hotel accommodations. Wrightsville Beach is also located close to Wilmington for easy travel to any other reception venue including Downtown Wilmington.

  • topsail island wedding photographers - topsail island weddings - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • Topsail Island

      Open or Close

      Topsail Island has a personality all its own. From hotel accommodations to private beach house weddings, Topsail Island is a laid back beach island sure to entertain any beach wedding.

  • battleship nc weddings - wedding photography - wedding info
    • Battleship North Carolina

      Open or Close

      For something really unique, check out the Battleship NC might be that special place to have either for both your wedding and reception. With incredible views of the Cape Fear River and Historic Downtown Wilmington as part of your wedding day back drop.

  • shell island resort weddings - wrightsville beach - wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
  • nwe hanover county arboretum weddings -  wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
  • hotel ballast weddings - wilmington nc -  wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • Hotel Ballast

      Open or Close

      The Hotel Ballast is perfectly located in Downtown Wilmington on the River Front. A very popular place for both weddings and receptions. It has all the the facilities to be an all inclusive wedding venue and host to any of your out of town wedding guests.

  • porters neck country club weddings - wilmington nc -  wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
  • Lebanon Chapel Wedding Photography
    • Lebanon Chapel

      Open or Close

      The Lebanon Chapel is nestled in the heart of Airlie Gardens. If you are looking for classic and rustic wedding chapel be sure to give the Lebanon Chapel a look.

  • old brunswick town - Fort Anderson - Wedding Photography
    • Brunswick Town - Fort Anderson

      Open or Close

      Brunswick Town - Fort Anderson in Winnabow NC, is a great outdoor wedding and reception option. The historic burned down church on the grounds makes for a unique open air wedding ceremony. The landscape with the oak trees and view of the Cape Fear River make this possibly a perfect option for you wedding.

  • wedding picture at he Shoals Club on Bald Head Island.
    • Shoals Club - BHI

      Open or Close

      The Shoals Club on Bald Head Island is a classic east coast beach club. With elevated view of the Atlantic Ocean and a fort class club this makes for a incredible destination wedding venue.

  • the river room weddings - wilmington nc -  wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • The River Room

      Open or Close

      The River Room in Downtown Wilmington North Carolina sits along the Cape Fear River. Capable of providing an outside wedding on the river deck and hosting your reception inside the River Room make this wedding venue a downtown gem.

  • wrightsville manor weddings - wilmington nc-  wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • Wrightsville Manor

      Open or Close

      Wrightsville Manor in Wilmington North Carolina is just minutes from Wrightsville Beach. Wrightsville Manor is capable of providing an outside wedding with Southern charm and hosting your reception inside the Wrightsville Manor. The grounds provide a lush and private feel and the inside is both beautiful for both a wedding and or reception.

  • Image of wedding couple at the Bluewater Grill in Wrightsvilee Beach  NC.  Bluewtergrill wedding & reception venue
  • marker 137 weddings - marker 137 wedding photo - wedding venue - wilmington weddings
    • Marker 137

      Open or Close

      Marker 137 is located on the intercostal waterway behind Masonbqoro Island. This wedding outdoor wedding venue has amazing views and scenery to include majestic Southern Oak trees. Marker 137 is capable of providing space for both weddings and wedding receptions that makes for a great all in one wedding venue.

  • bakery-105-weddings-venue-wilmington-nc-photos-photography-photographers-ideas
    • Bakery 105

      Open or Close

      Bakery 105 is located in Downtown Wilmington NC. Just one block from the Cape Fear River Deck overlooking the Cape Fear River, Bakery 105 allows a short walk for some great views of North Carolina Sunsets that make for incredible wedding photography. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Downtown Wilmington be sure to check out one of the most popular venues in Bakery 105.

  • ironclad brewery weddings - wilmington nc -  wedding photographers - wedding photography - chris lang weddings
    • Ironclad Brewery

      Open or Close

      Ironclad Brewery is located in Downtown Wilmington NC. Just a few blocks from the Cape Fear River Deck. Ironclad Brewery has a unique personality and charm. The unique setting along with the beautiful wood and brick makes for some amazing wedding photography. If you are looking for a wedding or wedding reception venue in Downtown Wilmington be sure to check out the increasingly popular Ironclad Brewery

  • embassy suites weddings & events - wilmington nc wedding photographers
    • Embassy Suites

      Open or Close

      Embassy Suites by Hilton is located in Downtown Wilmington NC . What makes this wedding and reception venue unique is that is it right on the Cape Fear River. Embassy Suites is a all in one Wilmington NC wedding venue. The unique setting along with impeccable amenities makes Embassy Suites one of the newest shining stars in the Wilmington area. Another great perk is having room and lodging on site for your wedding guests which also make it a great destination wedding venue.

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